Dog Parks and Starting One in your Community
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Dog Parks and Starting One in your Community

By: Kevin Gawricki

Dog Parks are becoming more and more popular. They are not only fun for our dogs but , are also a great place for humans to interact. They provide a place for dogs to run off leash and socialize with other dogs, as well as allowing for owners to socialize at the same time.

Unfortunately not all communities have Dog Parks available for our canine friends. If your community does not have a Dog Park available to you here are some guidelines on getting a park started.

First off do some research.

- Is anyone else developing a Dog Park in your area.
- Find out about rules and regulations that pertain to your community.
- Can local parks or recreation departments be of any help.
- Talk to people in your community and get some feedback about opening a park in your area.
- When planning park keep in mind traffic patterns, neighborhoods, noise, etc.
- Set up a liaison with city, neighborhood, and dog owners.
- Assign someone to monitor use.
- Set up times that park will be available for use.
- Rules for using the Dog Park.

Present you Community with the benefits of having a Dog Park.

- Dogs can socialize and exercise in a safe environment.
- Helps to promote responsible pet ownership.
- Will help to promote public health and safety.
- Provides a meeting place for dog owners to socialize.
- Provides access for people with disabilities to exercise their pets.

Dog Park should include:

- At least 1 acre or more of ground and be surrounded with a 4’ to 6’ fence.
- The entry should be gated-
- Regular maintenance should be performed. (cut grass, waste clean up, etc.)
- Wheelchair access.
- Plenty of shade and water.
- A separate parking area.
- Station to dispose of waste.
- Benches, tables, trash cans, etc.
- Complete set of rules for using the Dog Park.

With this general guideline you will be well on you way to developing a Dog Park in your area. We hope to see your Dog Park up and running soon.

Article written by Kevin Gawricki
Kevin is owner of Dog Gone Good Stuff which he founded because of the need for a place that caters specifically to dogs and their owners specific needs. Please feel free to visit Dog Gone Good Stuff for all your dogs needs. Web address

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