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Dog Breeds

In this section of the site you will find information regarding a multitude of existing and extinct dog breeds from all over the world. Dogs have been selectively bred by humans for thousands of years, and today almost 400 different breeds are recognized by Federation Cynologique Internationale (The International Kennel Club) – from Abruzzenhund to Zwergspitz. National kennel clubs will however often create their own lists, and the recognition of breeds will therefore vary from country to country. Some breeds are only recognized in one or a few countries.

Regardless of breed, all dogs hail from the wild wolf. The German Shepard is an example of a dog breed that still looks quite wolf like, while it can be hard to believe that the tiny Chihuahua hails from a skilled predator. The first selectively bred dogs were probably developed in order to enhance characteristics that encouraged domestication and made them suitable as hunters and guard dogs. Herding dogs have also worked with humans for thousands of years.

Dog breeds can be create by mixing dogs from different lines into a new breed, or by interbreeding dogs from the same ancestral line to enhance certain features. Before a dog type can become recognized as a new breed, a breeder must typically prove that mating two dogs of this particular type will result in offspring that have the same characteristics as the two parent dogs. This continuity is referred to as “breeding true”. There is no exact definition of the “breeding true” concept, and the demands can vary between different kennel clubs.

Purebred dogs are also known as purebreds and pedigree dogs. Most purebred dogs are recognized by a national kennel club, but some independent breeders have created purebred dogs that are not recognized by any official kennel club. For breeders in smaller countries, it can be hard to get their purebred dogs recognized since there might be no kennel club. Breeders can also refrain from seeking recognition since they wish to keep control over the breed and stick to their own criteria. A kennel club will usually develop a very strict definition for each recognized breed, and breeders might not agree with these rules. A third reason for not seeking recognition can be that the dog type already has a very strong position in its home country.

The term dog breed continues to cause a lot of confusion and even heated debates. Even experts disagree and the field can be quite incoherent. Earlier, the Norwich and Norfolk Terriers were for instance considered variants of the same breed, but today they have been recognized as to separate breeds. Small cosmetic differences can sometimes be enough to recognize two dog types as separate breeds, while other dog breeds include a multitude of size and colour variations.

In biology, the term hybrid is used only for crossings between to separate species. Crossing a dog and a coyote will therefore result in a hybrid, while crossing a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel will not. In everyday language, a crossing between two different dog breeds is however often referred to as a hybrid, even though all dogs belong to the same species. Among dog breeders, the terms hybrid, crossbreed, and mixed-breed are often used interchangeably. The term mixed-breed can also refer to dogs where the breed of only one parent is known. If the parentage of a dog is even more anonymous, the dog is called a mongrel. Three examples of popular dog hybrids/crossbreeds are the Borderjack (Border Collie + Jack Russell Terrier), the Cockapoo (Cocker Spanel + Poodle) and the Pit Pei (American Pit Bull Terrier + Shar Pei).

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