Best Dog Breed For Children
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Best Dog Breed For Children

When its time to get a pet dog, if you have a family with children, you have to think deep and hard. You need to get home the best dog breed for children. Some dogs are gentle and loving by nature. They tolerate children very well, and love to play with children without getting too excited. This kind of dog is the best dog breed for children. There are some characteristics that you can look out for when you go shopping for the best dog breed for children.

In case of young children, it is advisable to wait till the child reaches 6-7 years before you search for the best dog breed for children. Both dogs as well as children need to know how to behave around each other. Young children especially have a tendency to become a little rough. Pulling the dog by the tail or by the ear can cause a dog to retaliate. The best dog breed for children would be the patient dog that does not get excited too soon, and will play patiently with the child. Breeds that get easily excited or have a low pain threshold are definitely NOT the best dog breeds for children.

So, would a small dog be the best dog breed for children then? The answer is No again. Size is not the criterion while deciding on the best dog breed for children. Some small varieties like the Toy poodles would be downright DANGEROUS for little children. Toy Poodle is a very small dog, and is often in danger of being injured by children. If they feel insecure or hurt, even by mistake, they will often bite. Similarly Chihuahuas have little liking for tiny children and prefer adult company. Such dogs are not the best dog breeds for children.

Are bigger dogs then the best dog breed for children? Even if they are docile by temperament, the sheer mass and height of large dogs may be intimidating. Once they have established their dominance over the child, it is difficult to have a role reversal. This definitely is NOT the best dog breed for your children. Some large dogs do not like the company of small children. The sudden noises, the enthusiasm and the surprises that a child can generate will irritate such dogs and make them aggressive. Hence they may not be the best dog breeds for children.

The best dog breeds for children are inherently gentle and loving. They have lots of patience and love children. Gentle breeds like the Golden Retriever, The Labrador Retriever, The Basset Hound, the Beagle and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi are examples of the best dog breeds for children. The Golden Retriever never shows any aggression. Generally smart with lots of unconditional love, this is perhaps the best dog breed for children. They remain loyal to the end. Basset hounds are also very gentle with children, and can be trained easily to heed children. This is also one of the best dog breeds for children. Newfoundlands are known as the gentle giants. Though they are big in appearance, these dogs have a very sweet disposition, and will tolerate kids beyond most other dogs. The Great Dane is one of the best dog breeds for children. They are very tall and have a well-defined, muscular body. But they are known for their dignity and lifelong loyalty. Plenty of patience is another excellent trait in this dog. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a small housedog with lots of affection. They may exhibit a tendency to nip, which should be discouraged at an early stage. So, these can also be trained to become one of the best dog breeds for children.

It is to be remembered that even the gentlest and most loving of dogs can sometimes do the unexpected. So, parental supervision is a MUST while small children interact with dogs, however best the dog breed may be for children.

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