Poodle Dogs
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Poodle Dogs

The poodle dog is a non-sporting dog that was originally bred to hunt birds. Even today, the poodle dog tends to be fairly athletic and agile. This is not a dog to shy away from hard work which makes it a useful companion in French customs and inspections work. The poodle dog is by nature very playful and loyal, making it an excellent family dog. This is definitely an excellent companion for anyone who has the time, energy and willingness to regularly groom their curly coats.

The poodle dog is characterized by its harsh coat that can be curly or corded. The color of the coat varies from silver, cream and grey to white, red, apricot and brown. For all its abundant growth, the dog sheds little hair. Evidently, the dog is high-maintenance and requires extensive grooming. The poodle dog requires professional clipping every 6-9 weeks. There are 3 different styles in which the coat may be groomed: the English Saddle, the Pet Clip and the Continental styles. Daily brushing is a must if tangles, weeds and ticks are to be kept away. Bathe only when necessary. The poodle dog also requires regular care and cleaning of its ears, eyes and teeth. The corners of the eyes need to be cleaned regularly.

Poodle dogs have an excellent temperament. They are family dogs and love lots of attention – they actually thrive on it. They are deeply devoted to their family and are very sensitive to the moods and needs of their owners. It is quite easy for your Poodle dog to become overly attached to any one family member and then suffer from separation anxiety. The Poodle dog comes in three varieties: the standard, the miniature and the toy varieties. The toy varieties tend to become neurotic while the standard and toy are more amiable. The latter are best for households with children and do well in homes.

The poodle dog does well as a guard dog because it is reserved with strangers and has an excellent capacity to bark. A breed of elegance, dignity and majesty the poodle dog has a tremendous sense of humor and loves to play. But its humor and playfulness are double-edged. If the dog is not subjected to obedience training fairly early on and socialized when it is still very young, it may be difficult to handle. Training a Poodle dog is fairly easy because it responds well to patience, reward and praise. Because of their over-sensitive nature, poodle dogs cannot respond to heavy or harsh techniques. Firmness, fairness, patience, respect and consistency is what the Poodle dog needs.

The poodle dogs also need quite a lot of exercise. It loves to swim and enjoys family play sessions. If they are exercised well, poodles do well in apartments and condominiums. If they are not sufficiently stimulated they show a tendency to bark excessively. Securely leashed walks and a romp in a fenced off yard is good for poodle dogs that live in small spaces.

The poodle dog was originally developed to be a water dog that fetched fowls and other games of prey. This breed of dog was highly favored by royalty and gypsies because of its enthusiasm to learn new tricks and its agility. The poodle dog has lost none of its sharpness today also, and willingly learns new tricks. They are therefore rightly considered to be one of the most intelligent, intuitive and attentive of dogs. If you want to get yourself a poodle dog take into account the sensitive nature and the difficult coat of the dog. If you have the time and the patience, the poodle dog makes an excellent companion.

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