Small none shedding dog breeds
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Small none shedding dog breeds

Most dogs shed hair; some shed more while others shed a little less. This process of hair renewal through hair fall is called shedding. There is no such dog as a non-shedding dog because all dogs shed some amount of hair. But there are dogs that shed very little hair. These are often referred to as none shedding dogs. Small breeds of dogs that shed very little hair come under the small breed none shedding dog category.

Perhaps, Poodles are the most famous of the small breed none shedding dog. The poodle has a double coat that feels and looks almost like Lamb's wool. It is not right to believe that poodles don't shed hair. But the hair they shed is caught by the undercoat and is kept in till it is groomed. Without regular grooming, the hair tends to mat. The poodle is one of the best breeds for people with allergies, or for people who hate seeing clumps of floating dog hair in their house. Carpets, furniture, clothes will all remain hair and odor-free with a poodle around. These small breed none shedding dogs come in 3 varieties: Standard, miniature and toy.

The Yorkipoo is another excellent small breed none shedding dog. This is mixed breed between the Yorkshire terrier and the Poodle. It has a silky, soft none shedding coat, which could be curly, wavy or straight. They are also very good pets for people suffering from allergies. The coat should be groomed at least once a week to keep it free of mats. It is better to clip the coat of this small breed none shedding dog. This makes grooming easier. Any hair growing into the eyes should be trimmed at the earliest.

The Bolognese or the Bichon Bolognese is another small dog, very much like the Yorkipoo in its various characteristics. It is a small breed none shedding dog that is very intelligent and bonds very well with its owners. It does not shed its hair and hence needs regular grooming. The hair tends to tangle very easily.

The hairless variety of the Chinese Crested is another excellent none shedding small breed. Though it is somewhat of a rare specimen, this dog does not have any hair on its body. To that extent, it really is a small breed none shedding dog. It is a great pet to have in smaller homes. It loves children and bonds well with the owner. It craves constant companionship. Grooming needs include a daily shower.

Another good none shedding small dog is the Maltese. It is a small companion dog with a luxurious silky coat that hangs straight to the ground. Spirited, playful and lively, it is a very devoted little dog. It is a highly intelligent none shedding breed. The coat needs to be brushed daily and one should be gentle while brushing the soft coat of this small none shedding breed.

The Shih Tzu is another cute little none shedding breed dog. This dog is covered with a double coat of long hair. Some owners even tie up the hair on its forehead in a topknot. This variety hardly sheds any hair, and if groomed well will be a great dog for people who hate dog hair.

A mix breed between the Chihuahua and Poodle, the Chipoo is a relatively small none shedding dog breed. The coat can be straight or curly. The dog needs a gentle brushing about once a week. They shed very little hair and are a very good example of the small breed none-shedding dog.

The small none shedding dogs are mostly those that have a lot of hair on their body. It is to be noted that more hair does not necessarily mean more shedding. It is the type of coat and not the amount of hair that decides whether the dog will shed or not. Usually double-coated dogs shed copiously. Dogs that need their coats clipped are mostly none shedding varieties. Most of the small breed none shedding dogs are mixed breeds and are very good companions, loyal and intelligent.

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