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Dog Facts

When it comes to pets, dogs are probably the most loved, adored and also the most misunderstood of all. For instance, did you know that there are 701 pure breed dogs, or that the Border collie, Poodle and Golden retriever are the smartest of dogs? We know that most dogs have a superior sense of hearing and smell, but the bloodhound is so trustworthy that it is the only dog whose evidence is admissible even in court in the U.S.

Some dog facts are very interesting. For instance, the Great Dane is the tallest of all dogs, while the Chihuahua is the smallest dog of all. Dogs are generally very attached to their masters. Some are even heroically so. Trained dogs even take care of their invalid or handicapped masters on a daily basis. Many rescue organizations and policing organizations use dogs as a part of their regular team. Dogs have been used as guards, hunters, draught animals, drug and explosive detectors, and even as weapons. In the Middle Ages, dogs wore spiky light armors and ran into the battle grounds to attack mounted knights. 

Before purchasing any breed of dog, it is necessary to learn all the important dog facts that pertain to that breed. Most families hurry up and get a dog because the children have been insisting on one for so long. Sure enough, after the dog arrives home and the initial excitement has died down, the chore of actually taking care of the dog and molding his character begins. This is the stage when most families realize that their dog really is a hard bundle of work. Most owners keep away from the long-haired variety believing that such dogs shed profusely. Imagine their horror when they realize that it is the short coat that sheds more profusely and needs regular care! This is just one example of how appearances can be very deceiving and can lead you to buy the wrong dog.

Dog facts become important when you get down to training also. Some dogs are quick to learn, while others need more time. Most dogs respond well to rewards and praise, while a few breeds need firm commands and rigorous discipline. Some dogs like the Dalmatian need a lot of exercise and are not very suitable to apartment living, while others like the Poodle need quite a lot of grooming. Some dogs inherit certain disorders like hip dysplasia and cataract, while others are prone to getting fat if they are not exercised regularly.

One of the most important dog facts most overlooked by people is that every purebred has been reared with a particular purpose in mind. While the Apso Lhasa is a sentinel dog, the Poodle is a companion dog and the Pointer makes a good gun dog. If you expect a breed of dog to completely forfeit its inherent tendencies and don a new mantle, you are asking for trouble. Never expect a Lab to guard you and don’t be surprised if the Akita bristles with anger and ultimately attacks a stranger. Training a dog can help you to bring some discipline and even enhance these natural tendencies, not replace them.

Dog grooming and care also needs a good knowledge of dog facts. While a Poodle that goes into a competition needs a particular kind of cut, some other dogs perform better with a clipped tail. Important dog facts also include such important information like neutering, spaying, vaccinating and de-worming the dog at regular intervals. In a nutshell, dog facts help one to truly appreciate the uniqueness and the mystery of the pet that will probably be spending its entire life with you.

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