Fun Dog Facts
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Fun Dog Facts

While most dog owners learn a lot about their dogs from articles, friends and from their own experience, many people are not aware of the millions of fun dog facts that makes the dog one of man’s most treasured domestic allies. Have you ever wondered when man started domesticating the dog? Well, though the exact year is not known it is clear that the dog was among the first animals domesticated by man. One of my favorite fun dog facts has to do with the way the Chinese managed to keep themselves warm – they carried the toy varieties in their sleeve. The tallest dog was a Great Dane that stood at a staggering 41 inches while the oldest dog died after celebrating its 29th birthday!

It’s hard to know some of these fun dog facts, but one wouldn’t guess that the Basenji is also known as the African barkless dog because it yodels instead of barking and this very dog exhibits a distinct cat-like trait because it licks itself clean. The Japanese Akitas have been declared a national treasure while the Great Dane is a national dog of Germany. Some dogs have a venerable history of service and hard work. The Siberian Husky has been used to herd reindeer for 3000 years and more; and the Doberman breed was created by Louis Dobermann who was a tax collector much in need of protection while he was on duty. The Lhasa Apso was used by monks in Tibet to guard their temples and Dalmatians were used to guard and defend carriages against highwaymen in the 19th century.

Some other fun dog facts have to do with breeds: there are about 701 pure breeds in the world and the Greyhound is the most ancient breed dog. Smaller dogs generally live longer than larger breeds, while bigger dogs have larger litters. Man has received the greatest number of bites from the German Shepherd. Boxers were so named because of their funny habit of using their front paws in frolic, an action that mimics boxing. Bulldogs are so called because they were originally bred to fights bulls and bears. The Dalmatian puppies are born pure white, and they slowly develop the spots that are their distinguishing feature. That just goes to show that while a leopard cannot change its spots, this clever little dog surely can!

Some fun dog facts are just that – a lot of fun. Dogs can smell up to 1,000 times better than a man. Did you ever imagine that you little doggie dreams, just like you do? If you notice a dog when it is fast asleep, you will see its eyes twitching and moving under the lids, mush the same as a human’s eyes. So, researchers are almost positive that dogs dream. The only hitch: no one knows what they dream about, and this seems to be just one of those things that will never be found out. It was popularly believed that dogs saw everything in black and white. Now we know that is not true. Dogs also see color but their sense of color is not as vivid and sharp as that of humans. Did you know that after humans, dogs are the only animals that have prostates? While Germany and Switzerland are the poorest in dog-keeping, the U.S. and France have the largest number of pets per family. And finally, the popularity of dogs as household pets is evident from the scores of literary pieces, fiction, art, movies and drama that features man’s most faithful friend.