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Dog Runs & Fences

A dog fence or a dog run is a great way of making it possible for your dog to spend more time loose outdoors. Most dog runs are encompassed by a normal fence, but electronic invisible dog fences grow more and more popular each year. It’s important to remember that a dog fence or dog electric dog run never can take the place of walks. A dog needs to be regularly walked to do well.

A dog fence or electric dog run does not have to encompass your entire yard. As a matter of fact, many dog owners use them to devote a special part of their yard to the dogs. This way, the dog owner never has to worry about ruined flowerbeds, dug up tulip bulbs or other forms of damage. It is also a great way of keeping the dog away from items that could potentially harm it, or separating several dogs that should not be kept together, e.g. separating a bitch in heat from male dogs.

If you want to use an electronic invisible dog run, it is important to learn more about how to train your dog. Many manufacturers will sell the necessary equipment together with a written guide or an instruction film, which makes it easy for the dog owner to learn about proper electronic dog run training. If you install an electronic invisible dog run without instructing your dog, the dog will only get confused and the efficiency and reliability of the dog run will be significantly decreased.

The electronic invisible dog run consists of a transmitter and a light-weight receiver. The receiver should be worn by your dog and several manufacturers sell special dog collars for this purpose. When the dog gets close to the invisible fence, it will hear a beeping warning signal. If the dog still tries to cross the invisible fence, it will receive a correction signal. The correction signal can for instance be static electricity or a spray of citronella. Portable invisible dog runs create a circular border around the transmitter. If you want any other shape, e.g. an invisible fence that outlines your yard, you need to install an electric dog run based on underground wire. This type of dog run is not mobile, but you can on the other hand make it match your own yard, or certain parts of your yard, perfectly.  

Regardless of whether you prefer the old fashion dog fence or the electronic dog run, it is imperative to check it regularly. If you use a traditional fence, you should look for holes, weak parts and signs of digging. Some dogs are amazingly good at digging, especially after a heavy rain when the ground is soft. Remember that even if your dog shows no interest in escaping, other dogs might try to dig their way into the dog run – especially if you have a bitch in heat. If you use an electronic invisible dog run, you should regularly remove the dog collar from the dog and keep the collar in your own hand while you test the fence all the way around.

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