Hidden Dog Fencer
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Hidden Dog Fencer

There are two types of electric hidden dog fences, the portable one and the underground wire system. They both have their own advantages, and the right hidden dog fence for you will depend on several factors, such as the outline of your yard, if you travel a lot with your dog and the size and temperament of your dog. Both systems requite your dog to wear a collar with a lightweight receiver. As the dog approaches the boundary, the collar will give it a correction signal. The correction signal can for instance be static electricity or a spray of citronella.

An advanced hidden dog fence can combine two different signals. As your dog approaches the hidden dog fence, it will receive a warning signal, most commonly a beeping sound. As the dog ventures closer to the fence, the signal will change to let him know that he is going in the wrong direction. It is not until the dog actually tries to cross the fence that the really unpleasant correction signal is delivered, e.g. static electricity or citronella. As long as the dog heeds the sound warning, it never has to be exposed to the stronger correction signal.

Portable hidden dog fence

The most common type of portable hidden dog fence consists of just a transmitter and a receiver. As explained above, the receiver is to be worn by your dog. The transmitter must be placed in a spot where it is not exposed to rain or snow. It will generate a circular hidden dog fence. The exact diameter of the fence varies between the different designs, but 200 feet is quite common.

Since this type of hidden dog fence always creates a circular fence with the transmitter in the centre, it will not follow the outline of your yard. If you want a tailor-made hidden dog fence you can instead opt for a system that uses underground wire. These systems are however not portable, since the relay underground wire.   

Hidden dog fence with an underground wire system

If you go for this type of hidden dog fence, you can have it tailor made to follow the outline of your yard. The system consist of a transmitter and a receiver, just like the hidden dog fence described above, but the transmitter will send its signal to an underground wire system around your yard. The wire will act like an antenna and when your dog approaches the wire, the correction signal will be sent.

Hidden dog fence training

A hidden dog fence must always be combined with training. The dog must understand why it receives the correction signal and that walking past the correction signal is a bad thing. The dog must also understand how to make the correction signal stop. The hidden dog fence will be much less effective if you are not prepared to train your dog. The hidden dog fence will also be quite confusing for your dog, and training is therefore strongly recommended.

Is a hidden dog fence the right thing for my dog?

Really small dogs may find the receiver too large and cumbersome to wear. A really large, or stubborn, dog may on the other hand neglect the correction signal. If your dog has very thick fur, the hair will weaken the static electricity signal. You can shave a patch of skin or choose a hidden dog fence that uses citronella instead of static electricity. 

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