How To Build a Dog Run
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How To Build a Dog Run

Today, building a dog run is quite easy since you can purchase prefabricated dog runs consisting of modular panels. If you find it hard to locate a seller in your area, you can always take advantage of the Internet and order one online to be delivered to your home. If you like working with your hands, you can instead create your own dog run from scratch. Metal dog runs are very popular today, but a dog run can just as well be constructed out of wood, cement or similar. Here are a few tips about important things to think about before you go about building your own dog run. You can save yourself a lot of trouble, and probably even money, by planning ahead and think the project through in advance.

How to build a dog run – step one

Where is the best spot to place your dog run? It should ideally be in a sheltered or semi-sheltered area of your garden. I large tree can for instance provide much needed shade during warm summer days. You can usually save some money by setting up your dog run against a house, fence, wall or other durable structure. 

How to build a dog run – step two

The next step is to decide how large the dog run should be and how you wish to design it. Should it be square, rectangular or irregularly shaped? Should it be large enough for a dog to stay in during the day? Do you want it to be large enough for several dogs to come together and play inside? Where do you plan on placing your dog run, are there any limitations on size and shape given by the locale? When you determine the suitable size for your dog run, it is important to remember that the size of the dog is not the only factor worth taking into consideration. A very active dog with claustrophobic tendencies might for instance need a larger dog run that a calmer dog, even if they are both of the same size. 

How to build a dog run – step three

How many gates do you want your dog run to have? If you purchase modular panels, the modular panel gates are usually sold separately and you can choose as many or as few gates as you wish. Using only one gate is by far the most common design, but in some situations two gates can be a better choice. If you plan on constructing several smaller dog runs attached to each other, you may want to install gates between them as well as gates from the outside. This way, you can open up the gates between several smaller dog runs, thereby creating a larger dog run. When you need more confined spaces, you simply close the gates and can still enter each dog run via the outside gates.

How to build a dog run – step four

Will your dog run only be used for playing, training, exercising etcetera or will you leave your dog alone in it? If you plan to leave your dog alone in the dog run, the dog must have access to a good dog house, food, water and so on. There are many different designs to choose from. Some dog owners like dog runs where the house is built in from the start, while others prefer to purchase or build a separate dog house to place inside the finished dog run.

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