Invisible Fence Dog Collar
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Invisible Fence Dog Collar

An invisible fence dog collar will give your dog a correction signal when it tries to leave your premises. The correction signal varies between the various designs. Many dog owners opt for a two stage correction signal. As your dog approaches the end of your yard, the invisible fence dog collar will start sending out the first correction signal. This correction signal should only serve as a warning, and the most commonly used form of warning signal is beeping sounds. Advanced collars are capable of gradually adjusting the sound, so the dog can realise that it is walking closer and closer to the invisible fence. The second correction signal will be sent out if the dog tries to cross the invisible fence. The second correction signal should be more unpleasant than the warning signal, and can for instance consist of static electricity or a spray of citronella.

If you want to use an invisible fence dog collar, you have to train your dog. If you simply install the invisible fence system and make your dog wear the collar without training him, the efficiency of the invisible fence will be significantly reduced. The dog will also get confused; because he will receive unpleasant surprises without really understanding what he is doing wrong. You must train your dog until he realises that he is not allowed to walk past the invisible fence. It is naturally easier for the dog to grasp the system if the invisible fence follows natural borders, such as the end of your property or the end of a grassy area.

The dog must also be trained to retreat when he feels the correction signal, because some dogs do not realise that retreating is the only way of making the correction signal stop. Some dogs have a natural tendency to stand still and not move when something unpleasant happens, and if your dog behaves like this, he will need extra training to realise that the only thing he has to do to make the correction signal stop is taking a step backwards.

Before you decide to get an invisible fence dog collar for your dog, it is important to keep in mind that the invisible fence that keeps your dog in, will not keep other dogs out. If there are free roaming dogs in the area, a solid fence is usually a better solution. An invisible fence dog collar can still be used if you wish to confine your dog to a particular area within your fenced in yard.

If you live in an area where power failures are common, you can still use the invisible fence dog collar, because today you can get designs that come with battery backup in the transmitter.

Many dogs will continuously test the invisible fence dog collar and it is therefore important that you do the same thing. Regularly check the invisible fence to make sure that everything is working like it should. Also check any backup batteries.

If you have a very large dog, it might not care about the correction signal from the invisible fence dog collar. The same is true for very hairy dogs, since the fur will hinder the correction singular and make it much weaker than intended. You can solve this problem by cutting away some of the hair next to the receiver, or even shaving a small area of skin.

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