Portable Dog Fence
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Portable Dog Fence

One of the easiest ways of putting up a portable dog fence is to buy an electric wireless fence. Most types of electric wireless fences are not portable, since they relay on an underground wire system. There is however a type of electric portable dog fence that does not require any wire system to be buried in the ground.

An electric portable dog fence consists of transmitter and a dog collar with a lightweight receiver. The portable dog fence will always create a circular “fence”. These makes it different from electric dog fences using underground wire, since such fences can be shaped into any form and perfectly follow the outlines of a yard. 

An electric portable dog fence is ideal when you want to bring your dog along for trips, for visits to your cabin and for days on the beach. It is also perfect for dog owners who do not wish to put up an ordinary fence or go through the trouble of installing an underground wire system. It is advisable to place the portable dog fence transmitter in a sheltered place where it will not be exposed to rain or snow, since water can make it stop working.

The size of an electric portable dog fence varies depending on style and manufacturer, but a 100 foot radius (200 foot diameter) is quite common. If you want to give your dog a larger area to roam around in, you can purchase several transmitters and spread them out to make their transmissions overlap. The dog can then walk safely from one circle to another using the same collar. Always ask the manufacturer before you purchase several transmitters, to make sure that the type you are interested in offers his possibility.  

Will this type of portable dog fence work for my dog?

An electric portable dog fence is not suitable for all dogs. Really small dogs can find the receiver to large and cumbersome. Really large dogs may not find the correction signal unpleasant enough to adhere to it. Regardless of size, a dog must be trained to understand the correction signal and realise that it is not allowed to walk any further away from the premises when it feels the correction signal. If you simply turn on an electric portable dog fence without training the dog, the correction signal will only confuse the dog and it may not understand how to avoid it. Boisterous dogs with a history of escaping may understand the correction signal very well, but still choose to ignore it since they do not mind breaking the rules.

An electric portable dog fence will work best for medium sized dogs weighing roughly 20-45 pounds. If your dog is an escape artist that never passes on a chance to leave, it may find the pain from the correction signal too weak to stay within the designated area.

Will this type of portable dog fence work in my property?

A problem with the electric portable dog fence types is that they tend to be less reliable in sloping terrain. If your yard is comparatively flat, they will usually work great, but if your yard contains one or several slopes, the fence may leave “gaps” through which your dog can escape.

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