Dog Run Fence
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Dog Run Fence

A dog run fence makes it possible for you to devote at part of your garden to your dogs. The dogs can run around freely and you don’t have to worry about ruined flowerbeds or dug up tulip bulbs. A dog run fence will never make ordinary walks superfluous, but it will make it possible for your dogs to enjoy the outdoors more and play around without wrecking havoc indoors.

It is important to regularly check the dog run fence to make sure it is not broken or torn. Also check for signs of digging; dogs can try to dig their way out and wild animals can try to dig their way in. Male dogs can also vigorously try to dig their way into the dog run to reach a female dog in heat.

Dog run fence – step 1

Choose a good spot for your dog run fence. It should ideally be a spot where the dog can seek out the shade during the entire day. You can also build a shelter inside the dog run where your dog can rest in the shade.

If you want to save on building material, you can use a suitable existing structure to form one of the walls of your dog run fence, e.g. the wall of your garage or an already existing wall that surrounds your property. It is important for the wall to be sturdy and high enough and you may have to reinforce it to keep the dog in. Even small dogs can be amazingly good jumpers. Also keep in mind that dogs frequently dig their way out under ordinary walls, since they do not reach into the ground.

Dog run fence – step 2

Choose the right material for your dog run fence. One of the most popular designs consists of garden ties, cement, chain link fencing and a prefabricated gate. Horseshoe shaped nails or large staples are used to secure the fencing.

Dog run fence – step 3

Dig holes for the posts. Carefully measure to make sure that they get evenly spaced.

Dog run fence – step 4

Mix the cement according to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Dog run fence – step 5

Place the posts in the ground and use cement to secure them. During this step, it is best to have someone else to assist you. One person can hold the post, while the other person uses a garden spade to scoop cement mix around the post. 

Dog run fence – step 6

Place the garden ties horizontally for each section of the dog run. The space between each garden tie should be no more than a foot. 

Dog run fence – step 7

Attach the chain link fencing. Use the horseshoe shaped nails or the big staples to secure the fencing. It is important to really stretch the fencing before you attach it to the posts.

Dog run fence – step 8

Attach the gate. Most dog owners opt for a prefabricated gate, but you can of course make your own if you are willing to devote the necessary time.

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