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Dog Grooming

In this section of the site you will find articles regarding dog grooming. Different dog breeds have different grooming requirements, but even low maintenance dogs will require some form of grooming once in a while. A grooming session is a good way for you to check the condition of your dog and detect illness, parasites and other potential health problems. Always pay special attention to nose, teeth, eyes, ears, paws, anus and coat during the grooming session.

It is important that you make your puppy used to handling by regularly grooming it. If your puppy is used to you clipping its claws and inspecting its ears, it will not protest when it becomes larger and stronger. Trying to make an adult Rottweiler suddenly accept claw clipping is much more difficult than making a small Rottweiler puppy trust you enough to let you clip its claws without protest. When you start grooming your puppy, it is important that you turn it into a relaxing and cozy experience for the puppy. Do not start by doing something quite scary, such as clipping its claws, during the first grooming session. Instead, start off by petting your puppy and gently stroking it with a soft brush. By combining petting and brushing, you will make your puppy associate grooming with positive feelings. Many dogs love being brushed and pampered by their owner.

Many dog owners like to spend a lot of time grooming their dogs, and will for instance give the coat special treatments or create certain hairstyles. The poodle is probably one of the most well-known examples of a dog breed that many owners choose to cut in a very special manner. Other dog breeds require a lot of grooming not because they have a special hair style that must be tended to, but simply because they have a lot of hair that easily becomes entangled and dirty. The Afghan is an example of a dog breed that requires daily grooming.

As mentioned above, different dog breeds and even different individuals will require different forms of grooming. In this section of the articles library we therefore aim to provide you with general grooming guidelines as well as tips and suggestions regarding particular dog breeds. If you have an English Toy Spaniel, you must for instance pay special attention to the ears when you groom your dog, since the English Toy Spaniel is prone to ear infections. You might also need to remove hair from its paws. The English Toy Spaniel will shed hair throughout the year, but many dog breeds are instead seasonal shedders that change from summer coat to winter coat and vice versa. One example of such a dog is the Saint Bernard. This dog will shed twice a year and during the shedding period you should ideally brush your Saint Bernhard at least once a day using a firm bristle brush. The Saint Bernard breed comes in two variations, shorthaired and rough-haired, but both are seasonal shedders. Frequent baths are not recommended for a Saint Bernhard, and you should refrain from using strong soaps since such detergents can remove all the necessary oil from the coat. The Dalmatian is another dog that should not be bathed to often, since frequent baths can have an adverse effect on its skin. During the winter, you must pay special attention to the skin of your Dalmatian, since this breed is prone to flaky skin. If your Dalmatian develops flaky skin, you should contact a veterinarian.

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