Dog Grooming and Health
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Dog Grooming and Health

Dog grooming and health go hand in hand. Good grooming not only makes the pet look good, it is also important for the physiological as well as the psychological health of your companion. Much of dog grooming takes place at home only. It is therefore advisable to begin dog grooming while the puppy is very young.

Brushing your dog thoroughly every day is an important part of dog grooming and health. The dog has to be trained to accept this kind of handling at an early age. It is best to proceed slowly at the beginning, giving him lots of praises when he submits to you. He also has to learn to sit still or lie on his side as and when needed. A suitable brush or a coarse washcloth for animals with short coats is what you will need for dog grooming.

If the hair is tangled, grooming will be a bit tricky. Proceed gently to avoid irritating the skin. Dogs may shed copiously particularly during the dry winter months. Even in the case of dogs that shed little hair, dog grooming is an important part of dog's health.

Dog grooming keeps the dog's skin healthy and coat glossy. It helps to improve the blood circulation, keeps the coat free of ticks and other less welcome visitors. Remember to trim the hair around the legs, or any hair that grows into the ear, or into the eyes. Not all varieties of dogs need a bath everyday. Some can make do with a bath once in a week or less. Remove any tangles in the hair before a bath. Keep water and soap away from eyes and ears, and also clean the insides of the ears with a washcloth. It must now be quite obvious why dog grooming and dog health are so closely associated.

Even if the dog does not need daily brushing, it is necessary to check him everyday. Keeping the skin of the dog and his body parts cut free and sore free is also an important part of dog grooming and health. Any fleas have to be removed with a fine-toothed comb, and embedded ticks have to be removed carefully with tweezers. Daily examine nails, ears and teeth as part of your dog grooming routine.

Dog grooming and health are so closely associated also because the skin is the first indicator of the state of the dog's health. Flea allergies, contact allergies, skin rashes and irritations need to be stopped at the earliest. Ears should be regularly checked. The insides of the ear should be a pale pink. If they show any discoloration or give out an unpleasant odor, get the dog to a doctor. Toenails have to be clipped every two or three weeks. Examine the pads to see that there is nothing stuck between them.

Dogs can develop cavities or periodontal diseases too. Cleaning the dog's teeth twice a week with pet toothpaste and a small toothbrush is advisable.

Dog grooming not only keeps the dog healthy, it also offers a good bonding time for owner and dog. In the natural world, dogs lick each other and groom each other. This reinforces pack behavior and subordination. Grooming the dog for 10-20 minutes every day or as often as necessary will bring the dog immeasurably closer to you, while keeping him healthy.

Some dogs like the poodles and terriers will require professional grooming to maintain the hair and the look of the dog. In this case, the dogs have to be trained to stand properly and to tolerate the attentions of a stranger. Dogs that have no hair on the skin will need special skin creams to keep the surface oily and germ free.

Dog grooming and health are mutually dependent. Without grooming, the dog will not be able to retain good health; in spite of all the exercise and good food you give him. In case of dogs that shed heavily, regular grooming helps you to combat floating tufts of hair and speed up the shedding process. Dog grooming is not only about dog health, it is also about bonding, trust and love.

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