Dog Grooming Tips
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Dog Grooming Tips

Dog grooming tips generally aim to tell you the best way to brush, bathe and care for your pet. Dog grooming also must be looked upon as an intimate and special bonding time between your dog and you. The first important dog-grooming tip is to start early. The dog has to learn to stand quietly, or lie on his side while he gets his brushing. He has to allow you to handle every part of his body.

The first dog grooming tip I can give you is to select the right comb or brush to groom your dog. Select the appropriate comb for your dog depending on his coat type. A soft bristled brush is good for a short coat. A long wavy coat will need a pin brush and a curly or silky coat will need the slicker brush. Use wide-toothed combs to clean heavy undercoats. These dog-grooming tips are thumb rules. Add your commonsense to make it suitable for your dog. Another excellent dog grooming tip is to ALWAYS comb in the direction of hair growth. Remove all tangles gently before you brush. Always begin brushing from the head and work towards the tail. The legs and flanks should be given more care, as hair in these areas tends to mat quickly.

After brushing the hair well, you can use a pin brush to fluff the coat. Another great dog grooming tip is that when you are fluffing up the hair, then brush against the direction of hair growth. The advantage of all this brushing is that it helps to distribute the natural oils in the skin, and helps blood circulation.

An important dog grooming tip that is sometimes overlooked involves regular checking. Even when your dog does not need regular brushing, check every part of his skin for sores, fleas, ticks and infection. Remove fleas with a fine-toothed comb, and any embedded ticks with tweezers. Allergies, rashes or sores can quickly become infectious. A useful dog-grooming tip is to use early detection and preventive measures to combat infections.

Giving regular baths to your dog is another important dog grooming tip. When you bathe your dog, make sure that his ears are protected by placing cotton balls in his ears. An important dog-grooming safety tip while giving bath is to wipe his eyes, and clean the inside of his ears using a cotton ball soaked in warm water. Take care that water does not enter his ears. Lather the dog gently, and wash off the lather with water.

Dog grooming also involves looking after the nails of the dog. Nails have to be clipped from time to time. The dog has to learn to keep his paw absolutely still while you trim. A useful dog-grooming tip is to select clippers that have been specially designed to suit your dog type. Another good dog-grooming tip useful in this situation is: get a small bottle of blood clotting powder. The dewclaws that are located on the inside of the front legs also have to be trimmed.

Dogs are also prone to develop dental diseases, cavities etc. Regular cleaning of teeth keeps the gums as well as the teeth healthy. A great dog-grooming tip while brushing your dog's teeth is to go for a baby toothbrush with pet toothpaste. Perform this twice a week.

Besides providing a healthy skin and a glossy coat, grooming also gives you much required "quality" time with your pet. Every dog has certain areas that need to be brushed gently. Certain areas will be his favorite. A useful dog-grooming tip that will make the grooming sessions pleasurable for the dog is discovering such areas and treating them accordingly.

Another great dog grooming tip is to schedule your grooming sessions in advance. Adhere to a regular timetable. Chart out a time that is convenient for both you and your dog. Grooming your dog after his exercise and after he has relieved himself is a useful dog-grooming tip. Longhaired dogs will need professional grooming too. Well-groomed dogs will be healthy as well as happy. Dog-grooming tips vary from type to type. But, generally, dog grooming involves regular checking upon the general health of the dog's skin and coat, his teeth, nails, ears and mouth.

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