Dog Eye Health
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Dog Eye Health

Dog's eye health is a very crucial and often worrisome matter. Sometimes the symptoms may appear very alarming, but the treatment is simple and effective. Some dog eye health problems seem innocuous enough, but can become very serious if not treated immediately. Therefore, all ocular problems are potentially dangerous to the dog's eye health.

Blinking, tearing, squinting, unequal eye sizes are various indicators of a dog eye health problem. The membrane that lines the eyelids is called conjunctiva. Squinting, discharge and redness of this lining indicates an inflammation of this lining. KCS or Keratoconjunctivitis sica refers to a condition where secretion from the tear glands is reduced. This causes the outer surface of the eye to dry up. Pigment scarring and infections attack the eye. This is also a troublesome yet widely occurring dog eye health problem.

Glaucoma is yet another common and troublesome problem that affects dog's eye health. In this condition, the pressure of the fluid in the eye increases many times. The eye then goes blind. This eye health problem is rendered serious because it is difficult to detect during the early stages. Once the condition is sustained for more than 48 hours, the chances of recovery are very thin. Delay in treatment of glaucoma is a common problem that affects the dog's eye health. A cloudy cornea, poor response to light etc are some of the subtle signs of glaucoma.

Entropion is another dangerous condition that affects dog's eye health. In this condition, the eyelids turn inwards and the eyelashes start scratching the cornea. This dog eye health problem can be corrected using surgery. This condition can easily be detected in a puppy, and will be passed on to future generations too. Cherry eye is a common dog eye health problem in Cocker Spaniel pups. The third eyelid, or the nictitating membrane starts swelling. A bright red bulge soon appears in the corner of the eye. Retinal dysphasia refers to the abnormal development of the retina.

While buying a pup, the owner should keep himself aware of potential dog eye health problems particular to that breed. Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Bichon Frise are genetically predisposed to cataracts and glaucoma. Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) is a problem that attacks most collies. Being aware of the dog eye health problems that affect certain breeds will equip the owner to handle these problems if they appear.

Daily cleaning of the dog's eye using any ordinary eyewash solution will help to clean the dog's eye under normal conditions and keep many dog eye health problems at bay. But, this is of no use when the dog's eye health is under pressure. Any time the dog's eye turns blue or cloudy, it is important to visit the vet. Corneal ulcers, glaucoma and cataract can cause these symptoms. Corneal ulcers can cause huge damage in a short time.

Many breeds of dog have certain genetic disorders that may not appear in all dogs of that breed. Some of the dog's eye health problems are low incidence, and others may be high incidence. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is a common occurrence in many breeds. PRA almost always leads to blindness, and symptoms are usually very difficult to catch. Some small occurrences of night blindness and eye dilation may be the only symptoms present.

Blindness is a dreaded dog eye health issue. Any inherited or acquired eye disease can lead to blindness in a dog. Gradual loss in vision may not be apparent at first. If the dog starts bumping into furniture, fretting when left alone and can't find a toy that has been tossed away, the eye needs to be checked. Dogs with blindness do not have that much trouble dealing with their eye health disease. Unlike humans, vision is not a primary sense organ for the dog. Avoid rearranging furniture if you have a blind dog at home. The best way to deal with dog eye health problem is prevention and early diagnosis.

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