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dog training

Dog Training

In this section of the site you will find articles about dog training. The opinions regarding dog training varies greatly and dog owners as well as professional dog trainers all have their own individual theories regarding the proper ways of successfully training a dog. If you want to discus the information and opinions found in this section of the site you are welcome to join the dog forum. In the dog forum you can also ask for help and encouragement, share your own dog training tricks, and discus different types of dog training with other dog owners.

Dog training involves anything from basic house breaking to advanced rescue dog training. Obedience training is the basic form of training and will form a foundation which will make it possible for you and your dog to proceed with further training. Even if you are not interested in turning your dog into a professional hunting dog or participate in agility competitions, some form of basic obedience training is definitely recommended. If the dog is to live with humans, it must be taught which behaviors that are OK and which behaviors that are not. A dog that is not trained and instead randomly punished when the owner happens to feel displeased with it can become very insecure. Obedience training is also necessary in order to protect the dog from accidents.

Since dogs are pack animals, they have a natural interest in learning new things from their pack members, regardless of whether these pack members are canine or human. They will also show obedience towards the leader of the pack and usually aim to please, even though most dogs are playful creatures that can be very mischievous at times even when they have been properly trained. Dogs can be trained to perform a wide range of tasks. Today, dogs work as guide dogs for the blind, rescue dogs, mine dogs, bomb dogs, guard dogs, narcotic dogs, hunting dogs and much more. They can be taught to perform various circus tricks and compete in obedience competitions.

You might not think about it, but your dog's training actually begins as soon as the puppy is born. When the breeder pets the puppies, talk to them and spend a lot of time with them, they are trained to accept and relate to humans. A dog that spends a lot of time with caring humans during its first eight weeks will usually be much easier to train later on. The mother will also train her puppies and prepare them for the life outside, and it is therefore important not to separate the puppies from their mother too early. Most breeders let the puppies stay with their mother 8-12 weeks before they are placed in their new homes.

You can start training your puppy when it is 8-12 weeks old, but you must of course take into consideration that the puppy is still very young. Always let the puppy's individual personality, physical condition and ability to concentrate guide you during the training. A young puppy can be thought basic commands, such as sit and stay. You can also start teaching it which behaviors that are allowed, and which things it must refrain from doing.

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