Bird Dog Training
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Bird Dog Training

A bird dog is basically any dog that can easily track birds by the scent they leave in the air. Almost all dogs naturally point at interesting noises, scents or prey. They do this by pointing their nose at the object and holding the rest of their body very straight and rigid. Good bird dog training aims at focusing the entire body of the dog on the bird, while his attention is fully focused on his master.

The bird dog training typically begins very early in the life of a pup. Any dog that can obey its master completely is a good bird dog. Training a bird dog is indeed a time consuming exercise. But, if the training is done meticulously and regularly, your bird dogs will become sources of great pride and joy.

The first step in bird dog training is to get the pup into the mood for hunting. Once hooked, the dog will LOVE hunting for birds. For this, you may need to toss out dead birds and allow the dog to retrieve it. Once your dog understands that he is to look for birds and bring them back to you, you are well on your way. You can begin the bird dog training in barns using homing pigeons.

Effective bird dog training aims to consolidate the dog's basic sense of obedience and allegiance to its master. Just 3 basic commands are all that are needed to ensure spectacular success in bird dog training. The first of these is the come command. The dog has to learn that he is to come to you when you issue this command. Too many bird dog training sessions are discontinued half way when the dog starts hunting around for whatever he likes, and you have to go hunting for the dog.

This step can easily be accomplished if you start when the pup is really very young. The idea is to reinforce that the pup's place is to be with you and follow you as his pack leader. Making the pup feel loved and rewarded when he comes to you will encourage this behavior greatly. When he comes to you on command, always release him with a short Ok. Slowly but surely the dog learns that he has to come to you when you issue this command. He will start hunting around you and look to you for commands.

The second command that bird dig training needs to enforce is the "heel" command. Put simply, this only means that the dog is to walk right beside you till you tell him otherwise. In this step, you need to make the dog feel that being by your side is the safest place for the dog. An essential part of any successful bird dog training is doling out lots of praise when the dog obeys. When he makes mistakes, let him feel punished by your silence. Never make your bird dog training sessions a chore for the dog.

The last but perhaps the most important command in bird dog training is Whoa. This means that the dog is supposed to stop dead in its tracks, no matter what is happening around him. A good bird dog training hinges on the trainer's ability to stop the dog in his tracks no matter what is going on around him. This kind of total obedience is very mush a must when the dog is in the filed with other dogs.

If you can who" your dog at any point of time and get him to obey you, then a large number of knotty problems get solved. When the dog rushes too far ahead, whoa will stop him till you reach him. After getting a bird, whoa will soon show him that it is better for him to get stroked when he brings the bird to you than trying to play with the bird himself.

Bird dog training is really a simple task if you break it up into logical steps. A good bird dog is one that obeys these 3 commands unfailingly, and uses all its talent and ability to find the bird for his master. Good bird dog training is all about teamwork. You have got to make the dog understand that you two make a team and that one cannot function without the other.

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