Boxer Dog Training
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Boxer Dog Training

The day your boxer puppy arrives home is the day you have to decide which way your boxer is going to go. Boxers are very intelligent and supremely loyal. The boxer has strong loyalties and once it is won over, it’s a bond for a lifetime. Most people would think that this makes owning a boxer easy. This is far from the truth. For one thing, an intelligent dog means a dog that knows how to get his way. Also, since the boxer is so muscular and obviously in need of avenues to spend his pent up energy, if not trained properly, he is more likely to go on a rampage. That way, your boxer is soon going to be a source of constant embarrassment and strain.

The boxer is unique. It’s not a dog for everyone. One owner even went so far as to say that if you work full time, a boxer is not for you. Boxer dog training is an important part of the care of boxers because this is how you can curb and mould the natural boisterousness of this dog. Boxers are extremely friendly if they are trained and socialized properly from the very beginning. As early as 6 weeks, you have to begin directing your dog.

A boxer dog is primarily a guard dog. Boxer dog training actually consists of teaching the dog to become a good guard dog. People who are not actually aware of the boxer’s friendliness assume that this is an overly aggressive dog. The build and the stance of the dog do nothing to clear this misunderstanding. It is only natural that people automatically picture the boxer in a bad light. Without proper boxer dog training, they probably would be proved right.

But, in reality a boxer likes nothing more than a cuddle in your lap. Your boxer is actually one bundle of playfulness and fun. Because they are so intelligent, Boxers can be very stubborn at times. There will be times when you ask him to do something and he will look at you without blinking as if telling you where to go. These are times when patience is the only solution. It’s not that that the Boxer does not understand what he has been told, but he decides that it’s just not worth his bother to listen to you. That is why Boxer dog training should begin as early as possible, when you teach him and play with him and show him how he should behave around other dogs etc. If you do this the fun and exciting way, he is more likely to listen. By the time the Boxer is 13-18 weeks old, you have to be seriously into Boxer dog training because this is the time when he is going to start asserting his dominance and testing your will. He may nip and assert his dominance by not listening to you. Professional training classes are a great way for Boxer dog training.

A dog that behaves well today may become a tyrant tomorrow. Dog behavior changes every day, so constant Boxer dog training is the cornerstone to success. Do it with patience and gentleness, but be firm when necessary. Early obedience training and crate training are very important for your Boxer. If you are going to be away for long periods, see that the dog has some way to relieve himself and don’t be surprised if there are certain ugly surprises awaiting you when you return.

A boxer is truly a wonderful companion. But just as a diamond needs polishing before it gleams, boxer dog training is the only way in which you can bring out the true love, valor and strength in your Boxer’s character without it becoming threatening to your own peace of mind.

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