Dog Training Career
dog training

Dog Training Career

If you love dogs, have tons and tons of patience and an ambition to do what you love, then you can choose a dog training career and be successful at it. Famous dog trainers are those who have been at their dog training career for at least 20-30 years, have attended lots of workshops, written books and articles, and generally know almost every aspect of dog training. Obviously, a dog-training career, like any other career, requires a lot of hard work.

There are no particular educational qualifications or requirements to embark on a dog-training career. If you need employment in a zoo, a bachelor's degree is a must. A study course in dog training is the next step. There are of course a large number of schools that help you to start off your dog-training career. But, beware! Teaching methods that depend on meting out punishments to the animals, manipulative techniques that are harsh are counter-productive. A distance education program cannot take you anywhere in a dog training career. Before joining a program on dog-training career, you should check out the scope of the course and topics, the techniques used at the institute, and the amount of hands on experience they are willing to offer you.

It would take at least 3-5 years of intensive training to become successful in your dog-training career. Any institute that you join will teach you many tips, tricks and methods. But, a dog-training career is poor without the wealth of experience that hands on dog training provides. Taking up an apprenticeship in any of the bigger training centers is an excellent way to gain experience. Volunteering at animal shelters is also a good idea. Once you have gained enough hands on experience, the most exciting part of your dog training career begins.

The biggest advantage of a dog-training career is that it offers you an excellent opportunity to begin your own business. Many professional dog trainers breed their own dogs, and sell well trained dogs. Some trainers even specialize in a particular breed. Specialist trainers also concentrate on training dogs for professional needs like guiding, hunting, competing etc. If you are into a specialized training, the rewards both in terms of money as well as experience will be more satisfying.

Professional dog trainers can earn significant amounts while doing the job they love and helping people. This could just be the best of both worlds for some. The pet business is a multi-million dollar industry. One of the best advantages that a dog-training career offers is that you can start a business with little or no overhead. What determines whether you are exceptionally good or just average at your dog-training career is your knowledge and skill. Dog training career also offers attractive side incomes. Writing books and articles, holding seminars, judging shows are all ways to augment your income. If you have it in you, then sky is the limit.

Some of the prerequisites for a successful dog-training career are excellent physical health, stamina, the ability to teach and coach, a background in animal training, good interpersonal and public skills. A good dog-training career cannot take off without a good deal of upper body strength. The ability to manage teams of dogs is a must. Every good dog trainer is also a social worker and a behavior expert. In addition to skill, you must also have the ability to sell yourself. Self-discipline and organization are some other required skills for a good dog trainer.

In your dog-training career, in addition to training dogs, you will also have to train people! A lot of the time, you will have to teach or coach dog owners to handle their pets properly. You will need a lot of flexibility to be able to manage all these various roles at once. But if you can get into a job that gives you lots of pleasure, and gives you a sense of service, then dog training is the way to go.

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