Dog Jump Obedience Training
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Dog Jump Obedience Training

Before starting successful dog jump obedience training, it is always advisable to learn more about why dogs jump. Does the dog jump because it’s a bad dog and loves to annoy you? The answer is no. The dog jumps of pretty much the same reasons that make you hug a visitor or shake hands with someone you meet. When a guest comes to your house, you meet someone while out walking etcetera, the dog wants to say hallo. Most dogs love attention, and what better way to get attention than jumping up and greeting the interesting person? Dogs are social animals and the have a natural curiosity and interest in other living creatures. Jumping can also be a guarding behaviour; the dog wants to protect you or your home from malicious persons. The good thing is that dogs also love to learn new things and to feel that you, the leader of the pack, is satisfied with their behaviour. That is why good dog jump obedience training can make a dog calm and disciplined enough to gently sit down and wave its tail instead of jumping. You have to make that dog understand that jumping is not acceptable.

The worst thing that you can do during dog jump obedience training is to become really exited and start screaming or even hitting the dog. This type of behaviour will only reinforce the habit of jumping. Remember, the dog wants attention or is trying to protect you. If you start screaming, dragging the dog away from your visitor etcetera, you give it a lot of exciting attention. If your dog is instead trying to protect you, it will think that all the screaming and your physical reaction confirms that something dangerous was about to happen. If the visitor was not dangerous, why should you become so alarmed? The key to successful dog jump obedience training is therefore to stay calm.

Dog jump obedience training – an exercise

For this dog jump obedience method you will need the aid of a fried.

  • Do not perform this dog jump obedience exercise when the dog is already stressed up about something. It is also unadvisable to try it when you are actually expecting guests. Instead, choose times when you and your friend can work with the dog in a relaxed atmosphere.   
  • Let your friend wait outside the door.
  • Keep the dog on a leash and tell it to SIT. (If your dog does not understand the sit-command, this dog jump obedience method is not suitable. Start by learning your dog basic obedience, such as the command sit. When it fully understands the sit command, you can proceed to dog jump obedience training.)
  • Open the door and let your friend enter. If the dog jumps, clearly say NO!. Your friend should also close the door and leave. Do not punish the dog. Remember, the dog does not yet understand that it is doing something wrong. You saying NO! and the interesting visitor leaving the dog will give the dog a clear command from you, combined with an unpleasant consequence (friend leaving). That is enough, and no form of punishment is called for.
  • When the dog actually sits down, give it a lot of praise and a small treat. Your friend should also stay, and sit down with the dog and give it attention.
  • Repeat this exercise over and over again. Eventually, the dog will understand that jumping will not result in attention. It will also realise that it can get attention as well as a treat by sitting down and waiting calmly when a guest arrives

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