Dog Training Tricks
dog training

Dog Training Tricks

The most important of all dog training tricks is that there really is no magic spell. Some people do have a presence that makes most dogs want to listen. Others do not. If you want to be a good teacher to your dog, remember that your role is confined to that of a coach and trainer. Gentle and persistent coaching, providing guidelines that direct your dog to behave in a certain way and allowing your dog to understand that you are either happy with his behavior or that you don’t approve of something are some of the most important aspects of dog training. Many owners take it too personally when their dogs do not listen or make a mistake. One must understand that it is not the dog’s fault. Most dogs are very attached to their caregivers and want nothing more than to please their masters. However they may not understand what they are required to do till you repeat the action and reward them accordingly. Reward, and not punishment, is the first of all dog training tricks.

Some of the most valuable dog training tricks sometimes just pass us by. Dog training is actually an intellectual endeavor. A truly good trainer requires a holistic approach to the entire process of training. Such a trainer is one who needs to embrace his intellect, intuition and psychomotor skills. Dishing out affection by the cartloads is beneficial to a dog ONLY if affection is tempered with respect. If you give in to his every little whim, he will never learn control or discipline. On the other hand, you cannot earn your dog’s respect by bullying, terrorizing or dominating him.

House training must begin when the dog is very young, though you cannot expect your dog to avoid all ‘accidents’ till he reaches about 6 months. Little pups do not have much bladder and bowel control. They just cannot hold it in. The trick is to take the dog out sufficient number of times to make him pee and poop outside. As far as possible, never allow your dog to eliminate on any surface that resembles your home. Establish a habit whereby the dog learns that he is to eliminate only on a grassy area, mud or sand or other such areas. Once a habit is established, the dog will never go wrong.

Socialization is an important part of dog training. A properly socialized dog behaves well in company. It is neither aggressive nor insecure. An unsocialized dog later on becomes a biter and likes to fight with other dogs. Even a simple visit to the vet can become a nightmarish experience if your dog is not socialized properly. Socialization can begin as early as 4 weeks and continues till the puppy reaches 15 weeks.

Some dogs use whining, howling and barking as a kind of emotional blackmail to control their masters. Never tolerate unnecessary howling; reprimand when necessary. But before you do that, check to see if your pup is comfortable and needs anything. One of the most important dog training tricks is to know when your puppy is genuinely in trouble and needs help and when he is faking it.

Another of the most valuable dog training tricks is to learn the importance of obedience training. But before you begin, remember to never issue a command that you can’t enforce. Do not allow your dog to ignore a command. Obedience training creates a common language for you and your dog so that he understands and immediately responds to your wishes. Collar training and rewards training are the 2 most important types of obedience training.

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