Black Lab Puppy
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Black Lab Puppy

Black lab puppies

The black lab puppy is one of the cutest and most adorable dogs of all. The word ‘Lab’ of course is short form for Labrador – one of the most popular breeds of dog in the U.K as well as the U.S. Exceptionally friendly, good natured and highly intelligent, the black lab puppy makes an excellent companion and grows up to be a great service dog. One of the fastest learning breeds of dog, the labs respond well to praise and love to please their master.

In appearance, an adult Labrador retriever may weigh up to 80 lb. Their coat may be black, yellow or chocolate in color, the color of the coat being determined by their genes. Chocolate and black lab puppies have a nose that closely matches their coat color. Jet black lab puppies look almost like a cuddly ball of black hair with their short bodies, their floppy ears and their sleek black head. As they grow up, they develop a muscular and well-proportioned body with an ‘otter’ tail, a clean-cut head and hanging ears. Black lab puppies are average shedders and they shed throughout the year. This is because they have a soft downy undercoat that serves to keep them dry throughout the year topped by a hard outer coat that serves to repel water. Black lab puppies are perhaps cleaner looking than their chocolate or yellow cousins, probably because dirt takes more time to show up on the glossy black coat. The black coat is shiny and sleek, and regular brushing is necessary to keep the gloss on the coat. Bathe the dog once a week, or only when necessary, using a very mild shampoo.

The best feature of black lab puppies is undoubtedly their temperaments. Labs are primarily people-oriented dogs, and they are happiest when they are with people. They are patient with children and will almost put up with all kinds of mischief from the little ones. Since they are retrievers they cannot help but ‘retrieve’ things lying everywhere. Labs do not generally make excellent guard dogs because of their tendency to love. They are more likely to lick someone to death than scare them off. There are some people who believe that a black lab puppy is more intelligent than its cousins, but there doesn’t seem to be much flesh in this.

Like all intelligent dogs, black lab puppies need a way to let out extra steam, and if left alone they become aggressive. These are generally action-oriented dogs and they can do with plenty of exercise. If they are unexercised, they will turn to destruction to alleviate boredom. Young black lab puppies need to be trained early. If left untrained their huge size and active intelligence will make the dogs unmanageable. Training your black lab puppy is fun because he is quick on the uptake and loves to please. He learns fast and forgets little. He responds easily to love. Most labs also love to eat, giving them a definite tendency to excess fat. This is another reason why your black lab puppy will need to be regularly exercised.

The black lab puppy is a puppy at heart till he reaches 2 years of age. As a puppy, it is a high-energy and perennially curious dog. As an adult, the dog becomes more mature and willingly settles down near your feet. As you may have gleaned, a black lab puppy is generally a low maintenance dog. But one should never underestimate the attention and care this dog needs. The breed is a family dog, and to reach its full potential, you have to incorporate the dog into your family life.

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