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Dalmatian Puppy

Dalmatian puppies

After watching the movie ‘101 Dalmatians’, your child may well be thrilled by the prospect of owning a Dalmatian puppy. Most widely recognized for their silky white coat that sports the famous black spots, Dalmatian puppies grow up to become well-muscled mid-sized dogs with superior endurance and incredible intelligence. Dalmatian puppies are born completely white, and the spots develop later on. Though the well-defined spots on the puppy is usually black in color, a liver (brown) color, or orange, blue, tricolor and brindle spots may also occur in rare cases. The nose usually matches in color with the spots. The Dalmatian puppy may be related to the pointer if one were to go by the body shapes of the two dogs.

Dalmatian puppies carry themselves elegantly and wear an intelligent expression on their faces. This is greatly enhanced by the broad forehead and the thin tapering and floppy ears that are set wide on the head. The dog has a powerful and muscular back that is arched. The tail reaches down and has a slight curl.

The Dalmatian puppy has a smooth, hard and dense coat. Twice a year, it sheds profusely. Dalmatian puppies need quite a bit of grooming, with frequent brushing with a firm bristle brush. This minimizes shedding. Bathing a Dalmatian puppy is needed only once a week, or when absolutely necessary. This preserves the silken sheen of the coat. A mild shampoo preserves the integrity of the coat. Extreme weather conditions are not suitable and young dogs are prone to developing fungi infections and catching ticks and fleas.

Originally trained to excel as coach dogs, Dalmatian puppies are by nature energetic and full of life. Rhythmic actions and long steps punctuate their movements. The breed has seen a surge in popularity since the mid-seventies. But Dalmatian puppies cannot stand the confined and listless life of an apartment. They need plenty of exercise and need to work out their excess energy to prevent them from becoming bored and destructive. This is especially because of their long history of training to run with horses.

Because of their enthusiasm and zest, these dogs make great companions for older children, though they may be too intense for toddlers. When in the presence of young children, the dogs must be supervised. Dalmatian puppies are quite affectionate and love their owners. They tend to become depressed if left alone fro too long. Constant companionship is a must. They also need constant stimulation to keep them engaged, like most intelligent breeds do. Good natured to the point of being funny and playful, Dalmatians are often known as the clowns of the dog world. This dog does well as a circus performer. Dalmatian puppies soon develop great stamina and guard-dog capabilities, which account for their popularity among the English aristocracy. Historically, these dogs were used to protect the camps of the U.S soldiers during the world wars.

Dalmatian puppies are rambunctious and need early and extensive obedience training. They also need to be socialized quite early if they are to get on with other household pets. Dalmatian puppies tend to be aloof with strangers, but quickly adapt to their new companions. Without appropriate training, puppies will progress into high-strung or timid dogs. Firmness, fairness, consistency and love – that is what is needed while training your Dalmatian puppy. They do not respond well to high-handedness. Once trained, Dalmatians make excellent competitors in obedience competitions, agility and fly-ball.

Dalmatian puppies are dependent on their masters for love. They need to spend quality time with the family. A securely fenced yard with lots of space for running and romping goes well with the dog. Dalmatian puppies are fun, loyal and intelligent if you can give them what they need by way of exercise and companionship.

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