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French Bulldog Puppy

French bulldog puppies

Emerging in the mid to late nineteenth century as a breed, the French bulldog maintains quite a lot of similarity with the English variety. This is a non-sporting breed of dog, puny in size but energetic by nature, this dog can be white, brindle or fawn in color. The French bulldog puppies grow up to have distinctive bat like pointy ears and a square flat head that resembles its English cousin. French Bulldog Puppies have a smooth and silky coat with delicate, soft skin that makes them ideal to pet and cuddle. As they grow, the coat does not lose much of its softness. Great as pets and ideal for a laugh, the French bulldog puppy has a sunny nature and lots of zest.

A gentle breed of dog with a natural happy-go-lucky attitude they really love to be indulged by their masters. A French bulldog puppy is happier with his master than in the company of other pets or dogs. However, their size and temperament make them more favorable towards leisure than hard work, and they love nothing more than a peaceful nap. This makes them ideal for apartment life. French bulldog puppies are very friendly with children, though they may be shy and timid at the beginning. Therefore initial interactions should be closely monitored. They are generally quite and accustomed to living in small spaces. Comical little dogs, French bulldog puppies are ideal for long friendship. Its even and pleasant temperament makes the French bulldog puppy a great household pet and companion. It makes a hilarious playmate and a wonderful pet. Though some male dogs may be aggressive, these dogs get on well with other pets and older children. Alert and clingy, your French bulldog puppy craves a lot of attention and must always be kept in a family environment. This is not a good kennel breed. The French bulldog puppy cannot tolerate rough play so they should not be left unattended while with young children. Early socialization helps them to get along well with other household pets.

The French bulldog puppy develops a short and smooth coat that is fine to touch and silky to touch. Generally, the dog does not need much grooming. But the dog needs special care under the folds of the skin. Since the dog has a flat muzzle, it shows a tendency to drool profusely. The folds in the skin must be thoroughly cleaned. Brushing with a rubber brush helps to dislodge loose hair. Bathe only when needed.

The bulldog can be somewhat bullheaded (excuse the pun!). Therefore consistent training is a must. French bulldog puppies need to housebroken early and crate training is found to be very effective in case of young pups. The dog is a sturdy breed and does not respond well to harsh training methods. With a patient, firm and gentle handler this dog can go far.

The French bulldog gets easily heated due to its flat muzzle and folds in the skin. In extreme temperatures, the dog may even develop respiratory problems. Care must be taken to provide the puppy with sufficient water and shade at all times. This dog is not very suitable for rigorous outdoor life and too much of heat can even lead to heatstroke. If the temperature outside is too high, move play and other activities to the inside of the house. A short windpipe means breathing problems. They are also prone to gastro-intestinal problems and gas. Since facial wrinkles can attract dirt, tears and mucous, there is a tendency towards infection and irritation. Even so, the breed is generally considered to be healthy and sturdy and easily live up to 12 years.

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