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The Papillon puppy (pronounced Pappy-yon) is also called the Butterfly dog (papillon means butterfly in French). It is friendly and outgoing, small and compact - a perfect dog for a small household. It plays with other cats and dogs, but sometimes forgets how small it is, making it something of a problem when interacting with bigger dogs. The Papillon puppy is clean and odorless. A truly OK apartment dog - thats what the Papillon is.

The Papillon puppy is distinctive in its features. Its ears are obliquely set on the head, are heavily fringed and these ears give the dog a distinct butterfly look. The original variety of this breed has a drop ear and looks like a moth. Reaching an average height of 10 inches and a weight of about 9 kilos, the Papillon puppy is an alert, friendly and graceful little dog. It is neither shy nor aggressive. Calm and patient, Papillon puppies fare well with older, considerate children. This is a neat bundle of a dog. Dainty, clean and elegant, the Papillons tail is very distinctive - it is long and bushy set high at the back and carried in an elegant arch over the body. The Papillon puppy is absolutely adorable, and it grows up into a very protective and effective watchdog. It loves to be snuggled and is very mischievous too.

On the downside, it is difficult to housetrain this dog. If not properly housetrained, Papillon puppies will become a nuisance with their excessive and insistent barking. They may trouble the neighbors with all their noise and excess energy. They have a tendency to bark at all sights and sounds, though they are not high strung by nature. While their exercise needs are minimal, they do need the occasional run around the yard or a jog in the park. They have a heavy coat that needs some amount of grooming. A bath is required once in 3-5 days, and regular brushing is a must to keep the coat glossy and tangle-free. Particular attention should be paid to the areas behind the ear and on the stomach, as these places are prone to matting.

This is a big dog in a little body, says Allen who owns three Papillon puppies. These dogs enjoy all sorts of disciplines from flyball to fetching. They are simply great at adjusting to different circumstances and situations. Being a very versatile breed of dog, they are able to become the most adorable lap dog to an aggressive guard dog. The Papillon puppy enjoys the outdoors and loves a good exercise. If left unsupervised, Papillon puppies may use their problem solving skills to jump the fence or escape from an enclosure. They really shine in obedience and agility and are highly trainable. They make very good service and therapy dogs because they respond very well to gentle and loving guidance.

A dainty and well-balanced dog with an amazingly intelligent expression, the Papillon puppy moves in a light, free and flowing manner. The fore and hindquarters are well developed though they are fine boned dogs. They have a long and silky coat with a luxurious and abundant undercoat laying flat on the body. A profuse frill on the chest is another distinctive feature. The ear fringes will take time to develop.

A common disease associated with the Papillon puppy is Patellar luxation, or bad rear knees. Another cause of concern is PRA or Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Because it starts late, it rarely leads to blindness in Papillon puppies. To keep their paws from splaying, you should always keep the pads of their paws trimmed.

Though the Papillon may make life in an apartment a bit of a pain, these dogs are excellent companions and pets.

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