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Welcome to is a gathering place for dog lovers from all over the world. We offer a wide assortment of articles regarding topics like dog training, dog grooming, dog health, different dog breeds, the pet dog and the working dog, and miscellaneous dog tips where dog owners share their knowledge with each other. We are striving to continuously add more articles to our articles library. You can find the articles, sorted by topic, by using the navigation box located to the left on this page. 

Dog training

Dog training and the various dog training techniques is a broad category where different opinions and experiences frequently collide. We strive to collect a broad selection of articles here at that will provide dog owners with different ideas and dog training ideals. In our article library, you will find advise regarding basic “potty training” techniques as well as information about advanced training methods used to educate professional dogs. If you want to discus the information found in the articles, if you aggress or disagree with the authors, or if you have any further questions regarding dog training, a visit to our dog forum is a very good idea. The dog forum is also a great place to visit if you need help and encouragement during your dog training endeavours. Share your favourite dog tip with other members, discus the pros and cons of different dog training approaches and meet other owners of you specific breed and learn about how they trained their dogs. 

Dog health

Dog health is naturally an important subject for every dedicated dog owner. In this part of we will gather information about how to keep your dog happy and healthy. Preventing illness and health problems is of course just as important as knowing how to properly cure or treat existing illnesses. 

Some dog health problems affect all breeds to the same degree, while others are much more common in a certain dog breed or groups of dogs. Before you get a dog, it is therefore a good idea to find out if any special dog health problems are related to the dog breed that you are interested in. A reputable breeder will make sure that necessary precautions are taken, such as letting a veterinarian check the hips of large dog breeds prone to hip dysplasia. You should however be aware that dogs predisposed to hip dysplasia are born with normal hip joints, and the problem might not be possible to detect until your dog grows older. All our health articles are written by the experts that runs husdjursförsä and knows everything there is to know about common health problems in dogs.

Just as with humans, there exist many different opinions and theories regarding the pet dog when it comes to proper food, the ideal amounts of exercise, the best cure for certain diseases and so on. If you want to discus the information and ideas brought forward in the articles, please do not hesitate to visit the dog forum and share your views, experiences and favourite dog tip with the other members.

Dog grooming

In this section of the article library we have gathered general as well as breed specific articles about dog grooming. Even if your particular dog breed is low-maintenance when it comes to the fur, regular grooming sessions is still a good idea since it will give you an opportunity to check your dog, detect health problems at an early stage, remove parasites etcetera. It is also important to make your dog used to being handled and inspected, not only petted, since most dogs require veterinary aid at some point of their life. A dog that is used to being groomed and checked up will feel much less stressed at the veterinaries office. During a grooming session, it is recommended to pay extra attention to your dogs' eyes, ears, nose, teeth, coat, paws and anus.

Dog breeds

All dogs hail from the wild wolf, but this can be hard to comprehend when you look at the over 400 recognized dog breeds found in the world today, plus the abundance of non-purebred dogs and yet to be formally recognized dog breeds. Dogs have been selectively bred by humans for thousands of years. Dogs that showed desirable characteristic, such as being friendly towards people and inclined to aid human hunters, were allowed to reproduce and puppies that shared the sought-after attributes of their parents were well cared for. The exact point, or points, in history when humans began to live together with dogs remains unknown. According to most sources, dogs were domesticated approximately 15,000 years ago. Modern research performed on fossils and preserved DNA might however push that estimation further back in history, since there seem to be evidence indicating that humans and dogs have accompanied each other for over 100,000 years.

We are striving to continuously add more dog breeds to the articles library here at and include existing breeds as well as historical ones, popular breeds as well as the really rare dog breed types. In this part of we will also place articles regarding the formal recognition of a new dog breed, different groups of dog breeds, e.g. herding dogs and gun dogs, how national and international kennel clubs work, and so on.




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