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Since the veterinary costs for treating and preventing various illnesses can be expensive, many dog owners choose to purchase dog insurance. Before you decide if you want to insure your dog, you should ideally request quotes from several dog insurance companies and carefully compare the conditions. In this section of the site, we have gathered articles regarding dog insurance that we hope will make it easier for you to make an informed decision and choose the pet insurance that is best for you and your dog.

Compared to car insurance or health insurance, pet owners still have comparatively few insurance companies to choose among. The cost and conditions can vary significantly from company to company, and comparing not only the price but also the coverage is therefore very important. Some companies offer a very limited coverage, while others will provide you with a dog insurance that is very similar to human health insurance and cover illness, accidents and routine examinations. Many different aspects of the dog insurance must be taken into account when you select insurance for your dog. These are a few of the most important things to ask when shopping for dog insurance.

1.) Which dogs can be enrolled?
Many dog insurances have age limits when it comes to enrollment. Enrolling only dogs between 8 weeks and 8 years of age is common. You should however keep in mind that these age limits often are applicable only for the general dog insurance, and if you have an older dog you might be offered to purchase special dog insurance for older pets.

2.) Is there are benefit limits or illness/incident caps?
Some insurance companies have benefit limits. One of the most common types of benefit limits is the annual benefit limit. An illness/incident cap means that the insurance company will only pay up to a certain sum for each illness/incident. The cap can vary from condition to condition, and might for instance be higher for a broken leg than for sterilization.

3.) How large is the deductible?
Many dog insurances have a deductible. Since this deductible can vary a lot, it is important to take into account when you select your dog insurances. Some pet owners prefer to pay a larger deductible in exchange for a lower annual premium, while others want to pay a very low deductible even if it means a high annual fee.

4.) Are you eligible for any discounts?
Taking advantage of various discounts can drastically lower the cost for your dog insurance. If you belong to a pet organization, kennel club or similar, you might be offered discounts thought that organization. A pet owner with several pets can be sometimes be offered discounts if he or she decides to insure all the animals with the same insurance company. Time limited offers, insurance packages, and ordering your dog insurance over the Internet are other examples of possible ways of getting a discount. Dog owners who pay their dog insurance annually instead of once a month will often receive a discount.

5.) Coverage
Will the dog insurance cover pre-existing conditions?
Will the dog insurance cover cancer?
Will the dog insurance cover dental care?
Will preventive care and routine wellness be covered, e.g. immunization, heartworm testing and neutering/spaying?
Will the insurance pay for prescription medication?
Can I pay an additional cost and thereby have pre-existing conditions and hereditary defects covered by my dog insurance? 
Can I choose any veterinarian?

6.) Is this a comprehensive insurance plan or a discount plan?
A comprehensive insurance plan is similar to a human health insurance. If you instead go for a discount plan, you will pay an annual fee that makes you eligible for discounted veterinarian services. Sometimes other forms of dog related services are also included in the discount plan.

7.) Is there a waiting period?
Some dog insurances will have a mandatory waiting period before the policy becomes valid. Until the waiting period is over, your dog is not covered by the dog insurance.

8.) Is the insurance company easy to reach?
Do not choose a dog insurance company that is difficult to contact, since you will need their support if your dog becomes ill or injured. When your dog needs an operation, you don’t want to spend hours waiting for the insurance company to answer your call.

Dog Insurance Articles

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Hundförsäkring Swedish guide - Good swedish guide on what to think about before you choose an insurance. (use google translate)
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