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In this section of the site you will find a lot of information regarding dog food and dog nutrition. Almost every dog owner has their own approach to dog foods, and the market is filled with a wide range of different types and brands. Some people believe that raw meat is the ideal food for our canine friends, while vegetarian dog owners sometimes choose to keep their dogs on a meatless diet. Most dog foods do however contain a mix of animal and plant material. It is important that you choose dog food that provides your dog with enough energy and all the necessary nutrients. Overfeeding a dog can be just as bad as underfeeding it, since obesity is not only a health problem for humans; it will cause problems for dogs as well.

If you want to discus the information and opinions found in this section of the site, you are welcome to visit our dog forum. Discus the pros and cons of different diets, talk about the latest scientific research, or share your recipes for tasty home made dog food. If your dog suffers from some type of health problem, you might find fellow dog owners in the forum who can share their experiences with food-based treatments of diseases and health problems.

Different dogs have different food requirements, and a diet that is highly suitable for an old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel might be highly unsuitable for a young and active Greyhound. Puppies will typically need special puppy food, and old dogs can benefit from a diet that has been especially composed in order to suit aging dogs. Dogs suffering from certain health problems can need special dog food recommended by a veterinarian. Always consult different sources before you decide to make a significant change in your dog\'s diet and always approach the information with a critical mind.

Dog food is often divided into commercial dog food and home made dog food. Dog food that is only given as a reward is usually referred to as dog treats rather than dog food. Most dogs will appreciate a few tidbits from their ordinary dog food as a reward, but this might not be feasible due to practical reasons. Dog treats are typically small and have been designed to be held in your hand and stored in your pocket without making a mess. Commercially available dog treats will often have a high fat content compared to ordinary dog food.

Commercially available dog food is usually divided into three main categories based on the water content:

  1. Dried dog food
  2. Semi-moist dog food
  3. Moist dog food
Dried dog food will usually have a moisture content around 10%, while the percentage for semi-moist dog food can vary from roughly 15% to around 25%. Moist dog foods are usually sold in cans and have a moist content around 75-85%. Dried dog food will often come in the form of pellets and is known as kibble. Dried dog food can be either baked or extruded. When you make extruded dog food, you mix the ingredients together and place them in an expander where pressurized steam or hot water is added. Pellets are formed, and when the pressure is removed they will puff up in a popcorn-like manner. Vitamins, grease and other ingredients that is sensitive to heat will not be added until the pellets have cooled off.

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