Choosing Dog Breed
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Choosing Dog Breed

If you have decided to get yourself a puppy or a dog, then you really NEED to spend sometime pondering about choosing the right dog breed. It's not everyday that one goes shopping for a pet. After choosing a dog breed, it is too late for regrets. So, please do spend some time for choosing the dog breed that is best suited for you.

While choosing the dog breed, there are a number of things that need to be taken into account. The first important thing is your lifestyle. What kind of a person are you? Active, busy, sedentary, healthy, sick - choosing the dog breed that most suits you will save you a lot of heartache. If you are a very active person with various interests that fill up many hours of your day, you need a dog that is not very demanding in its needs, not fussy at all and as active as you are. One thing to consider while choosing your dog breed is whether you have a particular purpose in mind. Is it just love, or do you need a dog for security, safety or some other purpose. Space is the next big consideration while choosing dog breed. Also ask yourself what kind of dog will make you happy. Show dogs or other "champion" dogs will need lots of extra care on a DAILY basis. There are other less demanding dogs too. Training needs, grooming activities, activity levels should all be considered while choosing the dog breed. Time taken for grooming and training should be compatible with your daily schedules.

Once you make a list of the probables, choosing a dog breed will seem much easier. You would have narrowed down your choice to a number of breeds. The next step in choosing the dog breed is to calculate your puppy or dog budget. Not all breeds come very cheap. Purebreds are usually costlier than the mixed breeds. Purebred puppies are much more expensive than their adult counterparts that come from shelters or homes.

Maintenance needs are a big consideration while choosing the dog breed. Maintenance will include coat type, temperament, medical needs and training needs. Every breed needs accessories like collars, toys, leash, bowls etc. Take a look at the long-term expenses and recurring expenses before choosing the dog breed. Generally, big dogs cost more than the small ones. Boarding kennels and trainers will charge more for training bigger dogs. Heavy coated dogs like the Great Pyrenees need intensive grooming. Dogs like the Poodles will need professional grooming. While choosing the dog breed, take into account all the tools you will need.

Potential health problems also need to be thought of while choosing the right dog breed. Large and medium breeds are generally more susceptible to some of the common joint problems and hip problems like loose kneecaps or elbow dysplasia. Enquire about any inherent health problems while choosing the dog breed. These are areas of concern in the long run. Ask yourself if you have the money, time and interest for all this before choosing the dog breed.

While choosing the dog breed, remember that different dogs have different needs. Temperaments of dogs vary from breed to breed. Some breeds are unsuitable for a household with kids. Some dogs shed a lot of hair. Some look ugly. All dogs need obedience training. Think about all these factors while choosing the right dog breed. Always keep in mind that raising a pet requires a lot of love and is loaded with responsibility. So, it is well worth spending some days thinking about choosing the right dog breed for you and your lifestyle.

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