Dog Grooming Kit
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Dog Grooming Kit

Grooming a dog is as important as washing behind a child’s ears or cleaning between his fingers or toes. But unlike a child, every dog has grooming requirements specific to its type. The amount of hair, the thickness of the hair, shedding period etc determine the kind of dog grooming kit you must get. The family Freckles or Saucy does not need fancy haircuts and expensive baths with oil massage and skin treatments. Nevertheless, a dog does require regular grooming and care.

A long-coated dog should have its hair brushed and combed many times a week. A double coated dog should be brushed thoroughly to hasten the falling off of loose hair and thus prevent tangling or matting of hair. Even a short-coated dog must get a thorough rub down every few days to keep its coat healthy and gleaming. Much of a dog’s grooming is rudimentary and can be done at home itself. A fine-toothed comb should be used for soft silky hair, a coarse washcloth or rubber mitt is suitable for short coats etc. A pair of clippers is essential when you want to trim the dog’s toenails. Grooming is essential from the point of view of the dog’s health also. Kinks and knots caused by intertwining hair or by dirt and grit can pull tender skin and cause pain leading to hot spots, wounds, irritated skin and eventually infection.

Before you get the dog grooming kit, consider why you will be grooming the dog. Will the dog be appearing in a show or is it just preliminary care? A dog that will be shown will need a more elaborate care program.
• A grooming table is necessary only if your dog is going for a show
• An electric nail clipper is easier to use than a manual one.
• Consider getting a clotting agent that will prevent bleeding if the nail is cut too short.
• The dog will need a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste. NEVER use your own toothpaste on a dog.
• Get a flea comb.
• A mild shampoo is necessary.
• If you have the experience of cutting your dog’s hair, get a dog clipper and blades, and a clipper coolant. This job is better suited for a professional groomer.
• The ears of a dog need special care. One cannot poke a bud into the ears. Buy liquid ear cleaner and a swab of cotton. Some dogs need more ear care than others.
• If you intend to blow-dry the dog’s fur, get a special dog-fur dryer. Regular hair dryer’s can burn a dog.
• Store your grooming supplies in a dog grooming kit that contains all the necessary things.

Dog grooming should begin when the pup is young. Grooming provides bonding time. The first step is to get the dog to tolerate all the attention and the fuss. Frequent baths can be harmful as this can dry up the natural oils in the skin. Coat conditioners help to retain the oil in the coat. Even if daily bathing and brushing is not absolutely essential, check the dog regularly to make sure that he has no nicks, cuts, rashes, fleas or bumps. Flea allergies can cause severe skin infections. Irritated skin leads to scratching and open wounds.

Dog feet also need regular grooming. Dog nails have a tender quick that has a nerve and a blood supply. Therefore a clotting agent is just as necessary as clippers in your dog grooming kit. Make sure that there is nothing stuck between the pads of the feet.

If you decide that you do not have the time or the inclination for grooming your own dog, you won’t need a dog grooming kit at all. Choose a professional groomer

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