Dog Grooming Schools
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Dog Grooming Schools

Dog grooming schools were born out of pet owners desire for high levels of expertise and proficiency in grooming accompanied by compassion, kindness and safety. Most professional dog grooming schools have certain basic rules and a good grasp of rules in the various states of the U.S. But there is one thing that is common among all students: the best dog groomers are always those that have a real love for the canine and takes real pleasure in the work they do.

Dog grooming schools conduct courses on a full time or part-time basis. Most schools provide hands-on experience after the theory classes are over. Schools provide students with dogs that belong to owners who have given their permission to get the dogs groomed in a particular way. Ideally, dogs are not shared. An individual work station comprising of all the tools are provided. The students are made to work on a wide variety of dogs so that they are able to gain vast experience working with dogs of different types. Grooming for shows is a part of the course. Most courses take a small batch of students so that each student can study at his or her own pace. Dog grooming requires technique as well as creativity and talent. That is why a professional dog grooming school would give a student some edge over a self-taught groomer. Since professional groomers with a wide range of experience will be working with students the chances of learning new techniques and interesting styles are possible.

Most dog grooming schools do not ask for any prior experience or qualifications from their students. There is also no age limit for the students. As the profession is beginning to open up and get more popular students range from 18 to well over 55 years of age. A good physical condition however is necessary because some dogs will not cooperate fully with the groomers. In such cases, the groomers should have the physical strength to subdue dogs using some physical force.

The job scenario is very attractive for a groomer who has just made it through dog grooming school. The remuneration is good too. It is possible for groomers to join an establishment or provide door to door services. The latter allows you to charge more, but you also have to canvass clients. Once you establish your credibility, business will start coming in. $60-$80 is a reasonable price for home service. Some owners also ask for additional services like walking the dog or dog sitting. This can bring in additional payment. Once clients begin to trust and rely on you, a steady business can be established. In order to keep yourself abreast with the latest in techniques etc it is advisable to attend workshops and seminars or conventions. This is good for the beginner because he gets in touch with a lot of novices like himself. For the experienced groomer, here is a chance to acquire some new skills and catch up with latest techniques.

The professional dog groomer holds a unique and a vital position among all caregivers because he has to evaluate the pets mental and physical condition while gently grooming the dog. Dog groomers are required to establish a rapport and a working relationship with their dogs within the limited time they are with the dogs. Acute observational skills are important because a good groomer will also be able to identify any health problems in the dog. Some professional dog grooming schools even encourage groomers to keep a record of any details that are found at the time of grooming. Following these records may point you to some valuable information regarding the dog’s health.

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