Dog Health Issues
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Dog Health Issues

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Dogs need a lot of care right from the time they are young pups. The successful dog owner is one who catches signs of illness during the early stages and deals with all dog health issues in a timely and effective manner. Dog health issues become problematic when there is delay in detection and prevention.

The first dog health issue that dawns on every dog owner's mind is whether to neuter and spay his pet. Neutering the male means no more testicular tumors and lesser chances of testicular problems. Being less likely to look for a female, the dog is also less likely to be a victim of accidents. Spaying a female also reduces the chance for ovarian cancer and uterine infections. Giving birth can be a dangerous prospect for a female dog.

Allergies are another leading cause for distressing dog health issues. The most common causes of allergy in dogs are pollens, dander, spores, mites or even certain types of food. The most common symptoms would be scratching, rubbing, chewing etc. The most likely place for an allergic attack could be the skin around the dog's feet, face, ears, mouth and the area around the base of the dog's tail. Though there is no way to prevent this dog health issue, it can be controlled by eliminating the causes that lead to an allergic outbreak. Sometimes, avoiding contact with the offensive material will lead to disappearance of this dog health problem. Sometimes, the allergic reaction may become serious, and a visit to the vet may be necessary.

Ear infections are another distressing dog health issue. Wax buildup, red inflamed skin, foul smell and discharge and frequent pawing at the ears are indicative of this worrisome dog health issue. Ear mites are not very common, and can be eliminated using medication. Keeping the ear clean is the way to avoid this dog health issue. The dog's ear is pretty deep. One should wipe the ear with hydrogen peroxide.

Wheezing in dogs is indicative of another dog health issue. Coughing could point to a respiratory infection or even a heart disease. In case an object has been inhaled or swallowed, a visit to the vet is a MUST. Squinting, blinking or foggy eyes point to some very serious dog health issues. Wrinkle-faced dogs can sometimes suffer from entropion. Surgery will usually correct this problem.

Accidental poisoning through household objects is another tragic dog health issue. Care must be taken to keep insecticides and pesticides away from the pets. Salmonella poisoning through uncooked, or medium cooked food is another leading cause for dog diseases. Annual dental check ups will take care of any oral health problems.

Keeping your pet worm free is another problematic dog health issue. Deworm puppies when they are 2 weeks as well as when they reach 5 weeks of age. Keeping lawns short, removing any dog stools from the open areas will help curtail worm infestation in dogs.

Fleas and ticks are the most common causes of parasitic skin problems in dogs. Crusting of skin around the dog's ears, intense itching and hair loss could be symptoms. A spot application will greatly help to reduce skin inflammations caused by insects.

Your vet is probably your best ally in combating dog health issues. If the dog has inadvertently eaten toxin, injuries sustained from an accident etc, the vet must be approached immediately.

After all, dogs are man's best friends; so, dog health issues are of great interest to humans. Getting enough exercise, good food and lots of play are what make your dog a well adjusted and loving dog.

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