Dog Toilet Training
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Dog Toilet Training

For a dog toilet training is perhaps the most important part of growing up. You can begin toilet training when the puppy is as young as 4 weeks, but do not expect the process to be complete till the dog is at least 6 months old. This is because young pups are not physiologically designed to hold it in for long. They have very little control. But what makes dog toilet training easy is that there are some predictable times when a young dog will just need to do it. If you are able to catch the puppy at such a time, and take it your desired area of choice and then praise the dog lavishly once he is successful, you are well on your way.

The important thing about dog toilet training is to start early. A young pup will need to be taken out a number of times. Allow your puppy to sniff the area and use a word that prompts him to eliminate. Keep repeating this word. If he does anything praise the dog lavishly and show him that he has done something really good. The advantage is that once a dog identifies a particular surface as being ideal for his purposes, he will try to hold it in till he comes across a similar surface. Also, if he sniffs the odor of previous waste, he will feel the automatic urge to eliminate. If your puppy does not do anything, take him in and allow him to feed if it is his feeding time. Most young pups will experience a bowel movement immediately after a feed. Some pups also forget themselves so much when they play that they will feel an intense urge all of a sudden. The secret to dog toilet training is to think one step ahead of your dog. Take him out every 1 hour or so. Choose the same kind of surface and take care that the surface you have chosen is totally different from the kind of surface you have at home.

While rewarding your dog is an important part of dog toilet training, yelling, screaming and punishing is not. A dog wants nothing more than to please you and do what you want it to do. But if you have unrealistic expectations, you are bound to be disappointed. While going out, see to it that you keep your puppy in such an area where he can eliminate easily. Ideally, you should be able to get back before your puppy needs another outing. Never yell at your puppy after the deed is done. I have seen owners pointing to a pile of poop and going mad, while the confused dog stands by without any awareness of what he has done. He perhaps understands that his poop is not good, but he still cannot understand that you are mad because he has eliminated in an area that is out of bounds.

As time goes on, if you have been consistent, your dog will show a clear preference for the area of your choice. But do not be surprised or disappointed if your puppy still has some days on which he is prone to accidents. The trick to effective dog toilet training is to be consistent. Your aim is to take your puppy to the toilet area when he needs to eliminate. This can be just after a pay session, after eating or drinking, or after a nap. Unless you are sure that your puppy is capable of the desired behavior, do not give him freedom in other rooms or areas of your house. The most important thing in dog toilet training is to praise positive behavior and reward it as many times as possible.

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