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Border Collie Puppy

Border collie puppies

Originated in the border country of England and Scotland, the Border collie puppy comes from vigorous stock. They grow up to become hardworking herding dogs and are highly intelligent and like to keep busy. The Border collie puppy is endowed with the intelligence, protectiveness and zest of the large flocking dogs but they also possess the desire to please of the more passive variety.

Border collie puppies arrive as small dogs and grow up to become medium-sized intense dogs - they finally turn out to be a shepherd's dream come true. They have an intense herding instinct, and this may sometimes leads to problems in an average household. The puppy will chase almost any moving thing, be it a car or a rat. This may even lead to an early demise of the dog. The Border collie is not merely a companion dog - it is a working dog and it requires a working owner who is into herding or agility training.

Since Border collie puppies are so intelligent, they are very sensitive to commands from their handlers. In the early years, these pups are fairly easy to housetrain and respond very well if they have undergone obedience training. Pups learn to distinguish between many variations of whistles and even respond rightly to each whistle. A good Border collie puppy is one that is willing to learn from its master. His will must be sensitive enough to bend to the master while bold enough to withstand the pressure of training. Most Border collie puppies respond very well to rewards and love to learn new things. If they are left to feel bored, they often turn intensely aggressive and may wreck havoc.

Border collie puppies are filled with bubbling energy. They can run as fast as the wind but can stop in an instant or even switch directions. This is of course a necessary trait in a good herding dog. A Border collie puppy develops an intense sense of concentration, which enables the livestock to listen to the eyes of the dog. The dog certainly earns respect from the livestock. Good dogs will not takes it eyes off the sheep. Puppies are always trying to hone the skills that help them to herd without causing panic and fear.

A good dog can be judged by its appearance. The Collie stands 20-50 pounds and is a medium sized dog with a lot of coat. Though black and white combinations are the most common, their coats can come in other colors also. The ears of the Border collie puppy are floppy, but as the dog grows the ears begin to stand up. The preferred eye color is generally brown.

Since they are highly motivated to work in close association with their owners, most Border collie puppies are well suited to most canine sports. However as pets, Border collie pups have a mixed record. While some people have no difficulty in controlling the quick minds and the high energy of this unstoppable dog, less-skilled owners feel helpless and are often frustrated by the dog. Most dogs can be given various physical and mental outlets for the excess energy. If the owner is able to pay careful attention to the mental and physical needs, they feel fulfilled. Border collies shed a lot. They need grooming and lots of exercise. Before buying yourself a Border collie puppy a truthful appraisal of one's lifestyle will show you whether such a high-voltage dog is an appropriate pet or now. Before being attracted by their appearance and their natural intelligence, it is good to evaluate your own lifestyle.

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