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Boxer puppies

A Boxer puppy will behave like a fun-loving little puppy all its life. Playful, energetic, loving and lovable – these dogs have a stocky medium-sized build. Equipped with a strong jaw and a very powerful bite, the dog’s physique is a fitting tribute to its Mastiff lineage. The early breed from which the Boxer descended was required to seize pray and hold it till the hunter arrived. This line of dog was later crossed with the English bulldog to give rise to a new breed called the Boxer. Later, the Boxer served as a backpacker, carrier, guard dog and messenger dog. After the World War two Boxers became mope popular and soon rose as a premier companion, guard and show dog.

The Boxer puppy has a big head on its shoulders and its beautiful features are unique to the breed. The puppy has a muzzle that is almost a third the length of its head. As the pup grows, the ears stand erect and wrinkles appear on the forehead. These ears are set on the highest point of the head and their dark brown eyes have pigmented rims. The Boxer puppy’s ears are usually trimmed; otherwise the ears tend to fall towards the cheeks. The broad black nose sits proudly above thick lips that are well padded and hang below the jaw as jowls. Boxer puppies are very muscular and they sport a well-defined and broad chest that tucks nicely into the rear. The strength of the dog is apparent in the build of its legs that has compact paws with arched toes.

Boxer puppies have short shiny coats that come in a variety of tan shades. Though the coat is not too thick, Boxer puppies do tend to shed when the weather changes. Some Boxers may shed profusely, though regular brushing can take away the loose hair. Still, an owner of a Boxer puppy can expect to see at least a few strands stuck to the furniture from time to time. Since the coats are short, they offer no protection against extreme temperatures. The dog’s short muzzles also make it impossible for Boxer puppies to tolerate extreme heat. Boxers also tend to drool all over the place and snore rather loudly. In short, a Boxer puppy is the perfect home-companion. So, if the thought of a dog at home riles you, the Boxer is definitely not your cup of tea.

Boxer puppies are very intelligent and learn new tricks very quickly. But the little pranksters can be stubborn and devious. Therefore Boxer puppies need obedience training from the very beginning. Boxer puppies respond to love and are very loyal to their masters. They are excellent with children .The male dogs are more laid back. The female is more dominating and will try to assert their will. While extremely friendly, they also do not hesitate to show extreme loyalty to their masters. Like all intelligent dogs, Boxer puppies crave a lot of human companionship and will feel deserted if left alone for too long. Since Boxer puppies take a long time to mature, they will continue to be playful. If you don’t want to be embarrassed by the extreme playfulness of your Boxer puppy, train him early. Boxers are willing to listen to you, but they are not to be ordered around. Occasionally, they assert their stubborn streak.

Boxer puppies are very energetic and need lots of exercise. Boxers have a lot of health concerns including dysplasia, allergies, tumors and heart problems. They get hot very quickly and need a lot of time to cool off.

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